In nature, that is why we only use organicproducts.

In the power of plants..

In less is more when the ingredients are the right ones.

In life, we do not test on animals.

In handwork, products made with care and love.

In fair trade.

In our artisans.

In collaborations with communities that share our philosophy.





I’m so glad that you got here to discover
the HMB universe!

HMB is a dream come true and the consequence of the way I understand the world.
I’ve always wanted to feel the best I could, but without harming my own body or the planet, that’s why I created HBM with the mission of creating places 100% organic for the care of body and mind.

This is what made me specialise in natural beauty products, I’m very demanding and I want my customers to have at their disposal the best products in the world, believe me, I’ve tried them all!


I’m my seek for perfection I decided to study and prepare myself to be able to creat my own line of organic and natural products. It is incredibly exciting for me knowing that you are going to love and enjoy them as much I do.